Andrew Moniz is a Canadian musician, composer and record producer. He draws from influences as diverse as Jimmy Page to Paco De Lucia. You’ll hear evidence of his musical lineage mixed with urban sensibility—that distinctly cross-cultural sound—across the tracks on his solo albums ‘Instant Bamalam’ ‘Telefunkenometry’ and ‘Let Your Brain Slide’, released on the 130Grit Sound Studio label.





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Telefunkenometry press release

A remarkable work of musical art produced using a unique blend of live and digital elements,
“Telefunkenometry” stands as proof that there are still new musical vestiges and vistas to discover,
and that Andrew Moniz is an incredibly creative explorer with the ability to lead us to them.
— S. McCauley, Sonic Smash-Music!

Instant Bamalam – Andrew Moniz

The Right Metal – Andrew Moniz

Royal Tissue (Audio) – Andrew Moniz

Glass Ceiling – Andrew Moniz