Let’s Play: The Cover Collection – Volume I

Our cover of some classic Video Game tunes.

The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask – Stone Tower Temple (Cover)

Majora’s Mask – New Wave Bossa Nova (Cover)

Super Smash Bros. – Kirby Dreamland Stage (Jazz Cover)

Sonic & Knuckles – Sandopolis (Metal Cover)

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time – Gerudo Valley (Full band cover)

The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask – Song Of Healing (Full Band Cover)

Sonic & Knuckles – Flying Battery Zone (Metal Guitar Cover)

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V – Soundtrack OST – A Legitimate Business Man (Cover)

Perfect Dark – Chicago Stealth (cover)

Chrono Trigger – Memories of Green (cover)