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This Week’s SoundCloud Finds: Cake Jetski – Cronus

By SoundCloud Finds

This intricate and beautiful sounding progressive rock track comes from “Cake Jetski”. A crystal clear and clean guitar line starts off the song, and builds up with the bass and drums towards the middle, with changing rhythms and melodies coming in and out. The next half is intense with jazz inspired licks and odd time signatures.


This Week’s SoundCloud Finds: Radio Room – About You

By SoundCloud Finds

Coming from Dublin Ireland, Radio Room is a 4 piece alt/indie band. Their song “About You” is an intense and dynamic ,albeit short, tune. A sweet little guitar picking riff starts off the song, then the rest of the instruments come in to build up to the first vocal line, which hits really well. The song plays back and forth with loud and quiet parts, giving the song a dynamic quality that peaks the listeners ears.