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This Week’s SoundCloud Find: Maximal – The 411

By SoundCloud Finds

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Maximal is an electronic music producer who focuses on minimal techno, progressive house, tech house, and electro house. His song, entitled “the 411” starts off with a familiar voice, Moe from the simpsons, giving folks the “411” on what to do when a gangster is dissing your “fly” girl. You just give em one of these.

This Week’s SoundCloud Find: Chris LaBella – Subterraneruption

By SoundCloud Finds

With an impressive combination of funk, hip hop, and blues, Chris LaBella delivers his debut solo EP entitled “Flyaway”. The first track “Subterraneruption” has the guitars providing the funky rhythm, while the drums take up the hip hop backbone. The hook on this track will catch you off guard with how good it is, and the song ends with a nice guitar solo, played by Chris himself.