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How To Be A One Man Band (Talent Stack)

By June 22, 2016Uncategorized


I just finished reading a book called “How To Fail At Everything and Still Win Big.”

In it, the author Scott Adams (creator of the comic “Dilbert”) explains something called the “Talent Stack”.

The Talent Stack is a group of skills that when combined, turn into a powerful concoction.

You don’t have to be the best at each of the skills. You can be just “Good” at each one.

My Talent Stack (Skill List)

Playing Guitar (Probably my best skill, but I’m no Steve Vai or Jimmy Hendrix)

Playing Bass (Good Enough)

Playing Drums (Good Enough)

Musical Theory (I can’t read music, but I have a base knowledge of different scales and keys)

Recording Engineer (I’m good enough so my recordings don’t sound like crap)

Mixing (Solid foundational knowledge of how to mix music)

Mastering (Same as mixing)

Shooting video (I suck at framing shots and lighting the scene, but I get the job done)

Editing Video (I suck at this too. Just gets the job done)

I’m not a pro or a master at any of these skills, but when combined you get this:



If you’re only focused on being the best at one thing, you might miss the opportunity to expand your base skill list and really blow everyone out of the water.

You should read all of Scott Adams’ book. It’s a great read and you will surely find some information in there that you can apply to your life.


You’re gonna want to check out what else my talent stack has produced, so here is my band camp page with all of my albums available for download.